Wet End 2.0HP Vico Ultimax (Niagara)

Salgspris1.123,00 kr


Type of Product: Wet end assembly
Manufacturer: Balboa
Connections: 2 x 2 inch unions. Both suction and pressure have a flat smooth connection meaning that the o'ring would be attached to the union sleeve. The wet end fixes to the pump body with 4 x small bolts, this part holds the female receptacle part of this attachment. The impeller is screwed on to the shaft which protrudes from the centre of the pump body.
Dimensions: Length: Width: Depth:
Commonly Used With :
Additional Notes:

This unit is very similar in appearance to the Vico Ultima / Ultrajet wet end used on Hydropool and Canadian Spas but the outlets and overall size of the wet end are slightly different. Must on be fitted to Vico Ultimax pumps or Balboa Niagara pumps. This unit is to fit on frame size 90 which is a similar size to the industry standard 56 frame sizing.

This unit includes the housing, the face plate, the face plate o-ring, the 2.0hp impeller and the ceramic seal kit. This unit also includes a built in bleed screw.

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