Waterway 48f 2hp 2spd Hi-Flo (2x2)

Salgspris7.236,00 kr


Type of Product: Water pump / Jet pump
Manufacturer: Waterway
Common Power Reference: 2 HP 2 Speed
Power: Volts: 230 Hz: 50Motor HP Low / High: 0.63 / 2.11Wet End Impellor HP: 4Amps Low / High Speed: 2.2 / 6.8RPM Low / High: 1440 / 2850Capacitor Low / High: 16 uf / 30 uf
Plumbing Connections: 2 x 2 inch standard Waterway union
Electrical Connections: No wire with pump, you will need to use your existing wire. 2 x live, 1 x neutral and 1 x earth.
Dimensions: Length: 360 mm Height: 220 mmDepth: 175 mm
Commonly Used With : We use this pump as a replacement option for other 48 frame models such as Vico, Aqua-flo, Sta-Rite, GE, A.O Smith, Emerson, Hydroair and more when there is not enough room to install a 56 frame pump.
Additional Notes: This unit is ideal for use when there is not a lot of room in your Hot Tub to be able to install one our pumps from the 56 frame range.Unions to be purchased separately

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