Tecmark Pressure Switch 4756P

Salgspris310,00 kr


Type of Product: Pressure switch
Manufacturer: Tecmark 4756P / SPDT meaning instead of a simple on / off config. you can use the extra connection point to toggle a dual speed application or control a heat indicator light for example.
Connection: 1/8 inch MPT screw thread to attach to heater tube. Switching mechanism at top has 2 x flat spade connectors to attach the contact wire. Also uses 3rd contact as explained above.
Dimensions: Height: 70 mmDiameter: 50 mmOuter Diameter threaded connection: 9 mm
Commonly Used With: High current using equipment.
Additional Notes: Up to 277vac. 25A resistive (meaning use with a heater for example), 4A (1HP) inductive @ 120vac or 8A (2HP) inductive @ 240vac, INDUCTIVE meaning use with a 1HP pump for example.After a few years the wheel can become stiff to turn and you may find that you have to keep re-setting the switch, this is usually a good indication that the unit needs replacing.1-19 PSI

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