Sundance Hi-limit Probe (Curled End)

Salgspris1.042,00 kr


Type of Product: Hi-Limit Sensor probe
Manufacturer: Sundance
Connections: The probe slides in to the pocket on the heater tube. The curled end plugs into the PCB via a plug.
Dimensions: Diameter: 6 mmCable Length: 520 mm or 20 inches
Commonly Used With: This product is in very common use with Sundance Hot tubs. This "Curled End" version was mainly used for the lower end range such as 780/850e/680 series, also Portofino, Sweetwater and Del Sol. You may associate model names such as Caprio, Metro, Solo, Lagunas, Palermo, Bahia, Caymen, Redondo and Hermosa.
Additional Notes: There are 2 main Temperature sensors used with Sundance, they look the same but their are 2 different types of connections, be sure to choose the correct one.

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