SpaLine Purple Rain Cocktail Spa Essence

Salgspris257,00 kr


Purple Rain Cocktail Spa Essence

Fruity Fragrant Essences for your hot tub - Different, Very Different

Intoxicating, exhilarating and relaxing dead sea spa salts proven to be spa safe and oil free.
It will not clog filters or jets and will not affect water chemistry.

Purple Rain

This cocktail is a variation of one of the greatest cocktails: Long Island Iced Tea. Swapping the Chambord for the triple sec and lime/lemon for cola together with vodka and gin tall over ice. As the grenadine runs through the Blue Curacao it gives the impression of purple rain.


  • 550 gr
  • Spa Cocktails are available in 7 different scents


  • Add just 1-2 capfuls whilst pumps are running
  • For external use only - not for human consumption, just for your hot tub

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