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Water care kit

  • SpaClarity is a two-component product especially designed for a consistently clean and clear spa
  • With the combination of two SpaClarity components and the chlorine granules you do not have to worry that bacteria will multiply in the spa water
  • All pollution from outside will be destroyed by the Ozonator, UV-C lamp and the cleaning powder
  • SpaClarity causes any pollution of the spa water to be removed by lumping it together, so that the small pollution particles are turned into larger molecules which are filtered out by the spa's filter installation
  • The filter installation should be cleaned regularly (once a week) with Spa Filter Net
  • Contents:
    • SpaClarity 1 (2 liter)
    • SpaClarity 2 (2 liter)
    • Spa Chlorine Granules (1 kg)
    • Measuring cup
    • User instructions

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