SpaBalancer Magic Cleaning Cloth

Salgspris180,00 kr


SpaBalancer Magic Cleaning Cloth

The spa cleaning cloth cleans all greasy residues, even under water

Simply wipe and the oily residues are absorbed and removed by the high-tech cloth. It is suitable for multiple uses and can remove oils, greases, soot and fresh paint.

You can use it for cleaning spas, inflatable spas, swim spas and swimming pools. Our cleaning cloth is also suitable for cleaning the acrylic surfaces, cushions, insulation covers and exterior claddings of spas. It can even be used in many ways around the home.

Just dampen the cloth and wipe the surface to be cleaned. It can be combined very well with the Clean & Refresh Cleaner. Simply spray onto the cloth. It can even clean below the waterline without the cleaner entering the water.

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