SpaBalancer Filter Clean Natural New

Salgspris371,00 kr


SpaBalancer Filter Clean Natural New

The natural filter cleaner

  • Special cleaner - developed especially for whirlpool filters
  • Dissolves dirt, fats, oils and cosmetics
  • Dissolves lime deposits
  • Cleans the filter fleece
  • Dissolves biofilms and destroys bacteria
  • It's very productive; you can clean 16 filters with one can
  • Is environmentally friendly
  • Removes unpleasant odours

Modern cartridge filters consist of a special fleece with millions of very small passages. The dirt gets caught in these diffusers and is thus retained. In the event of improper cleaning, bacteria accumulate in the fleece and form a biofilm that protects it. Additional fats, oils and skin flakes form the nutritional basis for the bacteria. Then the filter becomes a water polluter. Contaminated filters also cause a higher power consumption of the filter pump and shorten the service life of the filter pump.
For these reasons it is important to clean the filters regularly and thoroughly: SpaBalancer FilterClean Natural dissolves organic soiling, grease and oils from the filter fleece.

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