SpaLine Spa Fragrance - Rosemary

Salgspris135,00 kr


Spa Fragrance - Rosemary

Aromatherapy fragrance

Specially formulated fragrance water without dyes for use in bubble baths.

The Spa Fragrance scented waters do not foam and have no negative impact on the water treatment of your spa, nor do they harm your spa surface or components in any way. They are therefore perfect for use in your spa.


Has a stimulating and soothing effect. A bath with rosemary is soothing, relaxing and very beneficial. Stimulates circulation and has a positive effect on the nervous and muscular system. Removes mental exhaustion, confusion and doubt and brings a clear mind.
Contents: 250 ml
Spa Fragrances are available in 10 different scents


  1. When using the spa, pour a cap full of Spa Fragrance in the tub.
  2. Wait a few minutes before turning on the jets, in order to avoid excessive foaming.
  3. If there is foam, it will disappear again after turning off the jets.

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