Sloan LED Single RGB LED, Daisy Chain Assembly (63cm)

Salgspris193,00 kr


Type of Product: Daisy Chain Assembly
Manufacturer: Sloan LED
  • LED’s per cable (Individual Points of Light) - 1
  • Typical Maximum Current per cable - 50 mA
  • Connector wire Length (connector-to-connector) - 50 inches
  • Outer bullet light Wire length - 25 inches
  • Inner bullet light Wire length - 25 inches
Dimensions: Length: 630mm (Outer Bullet Wire) 630mm (Inner Bullet Wires)Diameter:
Additional Notes: Very widely used among many different brands of Spa.
  • • LiquaLED Bullet Lights - New, patent pending “bullet” design LED modules with rugged LED-to-cable connection
  • • Colour Changing LEDs – Latest LED technology produces the full the spectrum of colours and allows for colour changing and sequencing
  • • Daisy-Chain Wiring - Flexible configurations and easy installation
  • • Positive Lock Connectors - Quick installs; reliable, industrial strength connections
  • • Guardian Overmold Connector System - Protects from moisture, dirt, foaming operations
  • • High Temp Cable Sets - Proven not to melt under the highest temperature foaming operations
  • • Patent Pending LED Boot - Vibration proof attachment; no adhesives required
  • • Efficient Electrical Design - Drives more lights from the samepower pack
  • • Integrated Circuitry Protection - Over-molded, water-resistant case protects circuitry for reliable, no-fuss operation
  • • Accessory Lens – several styles available with custom inside diameter taper to fit bullet lights

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