Signature Aromatherapy - Moments

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Signature Aromatherapy - Moments

inSPAration Signature Series

Created for Moments like these. The unique blend is comforting yet luxurious. A bouquet of pure white rose and dewy jasmine is freshened with bergamot and ripe currant.

Blonde woods and black vanilla bean add nuances of balancing warmth. Enhanced with euphoric Natural Botanical vanilla planifolia and rose hip extracts help to bring about the heart warming feeling of togetherness.

Scent: Moments
Contents: 236 ml (8 fl oz)
Signature Series are available in 4 different scents


  • Formulated to be used in spas, hot tubs and whirlpool baths
  • Safe for all surfaces and will not harm plumbing or equipment
  • Will not foam or leave unwanted residue
  • Natural essential properties will soften and moisturize your skin

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