Power Storm Gunite Body Assembly Complete (Elbow)

Salgspris918,00 kr


Type of Product: Water jet body or housing designed for use with concrete or gunite.
Manufacturer: Waterway
Colour / Finish: White
Commonly Used With: Concrete Pool or Spa construction usually either sprayed concrete systems or breeze block and render.
Fits Hole Size:
Connections: 1" Spg Air x 1 1/2"- Spg Water. This body is the 90' elbow sylle fitting shown at the top of the picture.
Dimensions: Diameter of face: Height: Diameter of rear nozzle:
Additional notes:

Click here for assembly instructions

Comes complete with all parts as shown in picture. Also includes 430mm of 2" rigid and 430mm of 1" rigid pipe to assemble through the concrete.

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