PCB Air Switch - mom, SPNO, 1amp, 4mm pins, axial

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Type of Product: Air Switch
Manufacturer: Tecmark
Operation: Series PCB switches provide remote actuation of electronic circuits that control motors, lights, pumps, air blowers, or other associated equipment. Additional models available for use in positive, negative or differential pressure sensing applications.
Dimensions: Length: 30 mmDiameter: 25 mm
Power: 1.0 amp, 250 VAC (MAX) 10 mA, 24 VDC (MIN)
Fits Hole Size:
Commonly Used With:
Additional Notes: Printed Circuit board Switch: remote air switch for soldering on printed. Circuit boards; 1 Amp; momentary switching logic; axial pressure connector. Push and hold = on; release = off. Main application: starting timers, stepping sequencing switches (i.e. CSC) or actuating self-holding relays/contactors. This switch has a patented pressure compensation system to prevent inadvertent actuation if the pressure in tubing changes due to temperature changes or barometric pressure changes.*27.7” Water Column = 1 PSI.BASIC CONSTRUCTION:•.040”, (1 mm) diameter electrical terminals on .500”, (12.7 mm) centers•Internal electrical contacts•Momentary switching logic•Silicone diaphragm material•Durable thermoplastic constructioRATINGS AND SPECIFICATIONS:•Maximum operating pressure (Hydrostatic burst pressure): 10 PSI (40 PSI) / 69 kPa (276 kPa) temperature extremes of 14º to 185º F (-10º to 85ºC)•100,000+ cycle life under full mechanical, electrical and thermal loads

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