Salgspris336,00 kr


Type of Product: Ozone Renewal Kit, One Way Valve
Hot it Works: The one way valve stops water from passing back into the Ozone but there must also be a double loop above the waterline.
Compatible With: Del, Ultra Pure, Balboa, ProZone, Waterway, Hydroair.This unit can be fitted to virtually any Hot Tub with a venturi system. Can be used with Spaform, Aegean, Leisurerite, Leisure Bay, Hotspring, Sundance, Marquis, Master Spa, Signature, Southwest Spas, Hydrospa, Hydropool, QCA, Sunset, Sunrise, Sunbelt, Beachcomber, LA Spas, Dimension 1, Saratoga, Emerald Spa, Sapphire Spas and more...
Connections / Fixings: Push fit on to the Ozone.
Dimensions: Tubing Length: Width: Height: Screws Length: Width: Height: One way valve Length: Width: Height: Clips Length: Width: Height:
Additional Notes:

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