Nature² Spa

Salgspris540,00 kr


Nature² Spa

Without doubt the most efficient spa treatment!

Nature² Spa is suitable for all types of hot tubs and can be used with most of the normal water treatment solutions. Nature² Spa originates from Nature² technology, and the action of its minerals is the most effective way of treating water to obtain even purer water. The oxidizing mineral particles in the Nature² Spa cartridge are combined with the normal Nature² Express disinfectant.


  • Natural, mineral based treatment
  • Function: Mineral purification
  • Compatible with most treatments: ozone, chlorine, salt water chlorination, UV, active oxygen, ...
  • Cartridge autonomy: 4 months (depending on use)
  • Installation: directly in the spa filtering cartridge
  • Easy to use with autonomous distribution of the mineral agen

Technical data

  • All types of spa
  • Water volume up to 4 m3
  • Water flow: adapted to all spa flow rates
  • Cartridge sizes: Diameter: 3.8 cm3 / h: 16 cm
  • Nature² is not compatible with:
    • Bromide and its derivatives
    • Chlorine-free disinfectants of the PHMB type (or "biguanides"): Baquacil, Revacil, Oxyline
    • Copper based products
    • Metal sequestrants and anti-staining products

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