hth Spa Multifunctional Stabilized Chlorine (20g)

Salgspris270,00 kr


hth Spa Multifunctional Stabilized Chlorine (20g)

Disinfection, Algicide, Clarifier, Flocculant, Chlorine Stabilizer


Multifunctional chlorine tablets to be placed in the skimmer or in a floating diffuser to ensure 7 full days of disinfection.
Thanks to the slight clarifying effect, it provides you with a disinfected and sparkling water without risk for the cartridge filters.


  1. Water disinfection
  2. Fights against algae
  3. Water clarifier
  4. Improves the filtration
  5. Chlorine stabiliser

Contents and Dosage

  • Contents: 1,2 kg
  • Dosage: 1 tablet 20g per 2m³ of water, every 7 days

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