Laing 2.9kW Half Loop Style Heater

Salgspris4.846,00 kr


Type of Product: Heater assembly
Manufacturer: Laing
Power: Volts: 230 Hz: 50 KW: 2.9 Amps: 11.6HP:
Specifications: Sensor compatibility: Sensors do not operate the heater, the PCB does.Material spec:Required flow rate: Flow detection: Reed flow switch
Compatible With: Will work with some Hot Tubs in the UK, call us for details.Known to work with Sundance Spas, Jacuzzi, Southwest Spas, Caldera and more.
Connections & Fixings: The heating tube connects onto 3/4 inch Vinyl tubing.
Dimensions: Length: 675 mm Diameter: 19 mm Between terminals: N/A Overall length complete: N/A
Additional Notes:

This unit also replaces the old 2.7kW version of this heater. Comes with Hi limit plug ready to attach to the board.

If your heater looks the same as this one it most probably is but contact us if you need further help.

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