inSPAration AIRomatherapy Beads - Lavender

Salgspris113,00 kr


inSPAration AIRomatherapy Beads - Lavender

Spa aromatherapy beads - lavender

inSPAration AIRomatherapy Beads are specially manufactured for spas that use Aromatherapy Canisters. Just place the beads net directly into the canister and sit and enjoy the wonderful aroma of peaceful chamomile. Packaged in a blister pack.

Scent: Lavender
Contents: 15 gr
AIRomatherapy Beads are available in 4 different scents


  • The perfect relaxation therapy
  • Creates a soothing atmosphere in the spa
  • Simply place the beads net into the aromatherapy canister of the spa

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