Gecko / Hydroquip Temperature Sensor Probe 9920-400262

Salgspris1.058,00 kr


Type of Product: Sensor probe
Manufacturer: Gecko / Hydroquip Temperature sensor: 9920-400262 (Gecko) or 34-0203D (Hydroquip)
Connections: The probe slides in to the pocket somewhere (usually near the middle of the tub) so it is submersed in the water away from the heater. The white / clear flat plastic 4-pin (3 wires) plug plugs straight on to the PCB.
Dimensions: Diameter: 9 mmCable Length: 2970 mm or 117 inches
Commonly Used With: This product is in very common use with Gecko, Spa Builders and Hydroquip control boxes. Used on tubs such as Arctic Spa, Coyote Spa, Dimension One, Sunrise, Hotspot, Gulf Coast, LA Spas, Artesian Spas, Gulf Coast, Inspirations, Hydrospa, Southwest Spas and more
Additional Notes: This probe is for use with the Gecko SSPA systems and Hydroquip. Please refer to part numbers shown.Known to work with the blue MSPA pack on an Arctic Spa.

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