EMG 56 frame 2hp 2spd Motor Only

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Type of Product: Water pump / Jet pump motor
Manufacturer: E.M.G
Common Power Reference: 2.0 HP 2 speed
Power: Volts: Hz: Motor HP Low / High: 0.53 / 2.14Wet End Impellor HP: Amps Low / High Speed: 1.8 / 9RPM Low / High: 1450 / 2850Capacitor: 16 uf / 36 uf
Plumbing Connections: n/a
Electrical Connections: No wire with pump, you will need to use your existing wire. 2 x live, 1 x neutral and 1 x earth.
Dimensions: Length: 287mm (Not Inc Shaft)Height: 240mmDepth: 175mm
Commonly Used With : Hot Tubs Direct, Knightswood Leisure, Touch Spas, Catalina, Clearwater Spas, Hydropool, Hotspring, Hotspot, Southwest Spas and many more
Additional Notes:

This pump is used to run low speed for heating and high speed for the boost operation.

You may find that your pump has a smooth body as opposed to this style of pump but as long as the ratings are the same it will still work. To be sure if your current motor is a 56 frame, without the wet end attached the centre of the shaft should sit 90mm from the floor. The shaft diameter is 13mm.

You may be finding it difficult to find an exact match for your current pump. If you need our help then just give us a call or email and we will happily advise if this pump can be adapted to work with your system. Our range of pumps we offer is designed to get over most obstacles.

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