EGO³ Refill (300 gram)

Salgspris505,00 kr


EGO3 Refill (300 gram)

Trust your EGO3 filters
The better way to filter your spa water!

EGO3 filters clearer, longer, cheaper and save the environment!

EGO3 filters have 10 µm separation precision of the 3D filter material - are reusable - dirt stays in the filter - easier to clean - long lifespan - filter material made from recycled material.

Great filter performance

  • Filters up to 5 times more finely (10 µm separation precision instead of 50 µm for conventional filters)
  • Much bigger filter volume through the use of 3D filter material, creating a gigantic filter surface
  • Additional disinfection of filter material from the built-in silver component
  • No blockages (meaning that the spa is always able to heat, circulate and disinfect)
  • Sediment always remains in the filter until the filter material is completely depleted, even while the filter is being unscrewed and removed

Saving time and money

  • Very economical through reuse of the filter chamber and the filter material
  • Quick and easy cleaning of the EGO3 filter balls
  • Long service life (the EGO3 filter balls can be reused up to six times)
  • Savings in terms of spa chemicals (e.g. flocculating agents)
  • Energy-saving (the filter is virtually neutral in terms of the flow rate)
  • Longer pump service life


  • Reduction in waste, because reusable
  • Filter material made from recycled material

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