Camylle Velours de Spa - Asie

Salgspris164,00 kr


Camylle Velours de Spa - Asie

Exhilarating with acidulous and mystic aromas

Fragrances based on pure and natural essential oils for spa or jacuzzi.
Velours de Spa is totally soluble in water. The product is compatible with all the disinfection products. Velours de Spa is totally volatile not to leave residues in the filtration.

Scent: Asie
Contents: 250 ml
Camylle Velours de Spa are available in 14 different scents


A wonderful mixture of mystic smells, a sensuous and obsessional perfume with balsamic notes that express character and strength.

Velours de Spa

The various perfumes of the range can be mixed or used successively. Velours de Spa is recognized and approved by the most famous spa brands.


Pour 2 or 3 stoppers directly into the water of your hot tub for a spa of an average volume of 1500 liters.

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