Boreal Mano Vac - Vacuum Wand Set

Salgspris465,00 kr


Boreal Mano Vac - Vacuum Wand Set

The Boreal Manual-powered spa vacuum is ideal for vacuuming spas

The manually activated cleaner vacuums up debris into an easily removable filter cage. The transparent body around the filter cage allows to see when it is full. It is also practical for small soft wall above-ground pools that are not equipped with any filtration system, or to remove small debris from traditional pools.

  • Pump action hand-operated vacuum does not require batteries or connection to a filter system
  • Includes add-on brush nozzle, leaf skimmer, and practical wall mounting bracket for storage
  • High quality stainless steel filter cage
  • Ideal for spas, and also suitable for small soft wall above-ground pools, as well as spot cleaning
  • Packed in an attractive and compact color box

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