Air Switch TBS108 - alt, DPNO 16amp

Salgspris311,00 kr


Type of product: Air Switch / Pneumatic Switch
Manufacturer: Tecmark - TBS108
Operation: Double Pole, Single Throw...
This means this is a double line conductor with a simple on/off configuration for both poles. 2 flat spade conductors are used to connect the circuit on each side. This switch is an alternate action meaning it will hold in the on position and then hold in the off position when actuated.

Height: 57mm
Width: 25mm (at widest point)
Depth: 50mm (from front to rear spade)

Power: Up to 250vac. 16A resistive (meaning use with a heater for example), 4A inductive (meaning use with a 1HP pump for example.
Fits hole size: 15mm
Commonly used with: This can be used to switch 2 appliances on one air button, for example a heater and a circ pump or 2 x boost pump. Basic operation is to switch either directly an appliance or a relay.
Additional notes: This switch has 4 spade connections at the rear, 2 on each side. This is commonly referred to as single throw.

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