2m Diameter Spa Water Transfer Bag

Salgspris7.683,00 kr


Type of Product: Water Transfer Holding Bag
Dimensions: Height: 4 ft when fullDiameter: 2 m
Fits With: Mainly used by Spa Technicians to save time on site when repairing or installing Hot Tubs.
Additional Notes:

Warranty only covers the item being received in good condition any damage to the unit must be reported immediately or within 7 days of receipt in writing. Manufacture warranty only covers glued seems, it does not cover splits and punctures cause through general use.

Ensure bag is placed on a reasonable level surface before filling. Comes with 2 foam tubes that raise the bag as you fill. This bag can hold up to 2000 litres of water. Fully empty and roll up to store away in between uses

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