2 inch 90 degree Sweep Union

Salgspris144,00 kr


Type of Product: Union collar and sleeve
Manufacturer: Waterway
Most Common Size Reference: 2 inch
Dimensions: Outer Height: Outer Diameter: Internal Diameter:
Commonly Used With: 2 inch rigid pipe and 2 inch flexible rigid pipe. Used with Waterway, Aqua-flo, Vico, Sta-Rite, GE, A.O Smith, Emerson, Hydroair Pumps and more.
Additional Notes:

Best to use a plumbing cleaner then pipe cement to assemble. Pipe work pushes inside this part at the female end. Comes complete with a 2" o'ring.

This is a fantastic product bought in by Waterway recently with in the last couple of years. Before this design came about, plumbing from the top of the pump in tight spaces was a nightmare, now Waterway have combined a 2 inch 90' sweep with the union nut all in one. Not only does it reduce the overall height but also increases flow directly out from the top of the pump.

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