1.5 inch Heater Union Tailpiece or Buttress

Salgspris27,00 kr


Type of Product: Union buttress or tailpiece
Manufacturer: Waterway
Most Common Size Reference: 1.5 inch
Dimensions: Outer Height: Outer Diameter: Internal Diameter:
Commonly Used With: 1.5 inch rigid pipe and 1.5 inch flexible rigid pipe. Used with Balboa, Gecko, Hydroquip, RMF, Thermcore, Aquatemps, Spa Builders, Brett Aqualine and more.
Additional Notes:

Best to use a plumbing cleaner then pipe cement to assemble. Pipe work pushes inside this part at the female end.

With an external thread, this 2-inch tailpiece screws clockwise into the heater split nut to secure the plastic pipework to the metal heater tube.

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