Vian Power Retrofit Kit (Starter Kit) - From 1 Pump no air, up to 3 Pumps + Circulation Pump + Air

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Type of Product: Vian Power Electronic Control pack 
Manufacturer: Balboa
Power: Volts: 230vac
Hz: 50
Specifications: From 1 Pump no air, up to 3 Pumps + Circulation Pump + Air
Compatible With: Any retrofit system, suitable for upgrades.
Connections: 2-inch socket heater union sleeves. Amp cables plug into the PCB to operate the components.
Dimensions: Length: 500 mm (inc heater) 320 mm (box casing only)
Width: 120 mm
Height: 300 mm
Topside: 178 mm x 86 mm
Topside Buttons: Overlays included to use depending on your outputs: 1 Pump no air, 1 Pump with air, 2 Pumps with air, 3 pumps with air.
Items Included: x6 AMP connector 4 pins, x1 AMP connector 2 pins, x1 Bezel,  x1 Topside, x1 System Vian Power 3Kw 825 CZm8
Additional Notes: System Outputs:

This system has been designed to be able to run from 1 pump single speed upto 3 pumps + circ pump + blower. 

Setup Circ. Pump Pump 1 Pump 2 Pump 3 Blower
1 YES 2-Speed 1-Speed 1-Speed YES
2 YES 2-Speed 1-Speed 1-Speed None
3 YES 2-Speed 1-Speed None YES
4 YES 1-Speed 1-Speed 1-Speed YES
5 YES 1-Speed 1-Speed 1-Speed None
6 YES 1-Speed 1-Speed None YES
7 None 2-Speed 1-Speed 1-Speed YES
8 None 2-Speed 1-Speed 1-Speed None
9 None 2-Speed 1-Speed None 1-Speed
10 YES 2-Speed 1-Speed None None
11 YES 1-Speed 1-Speed None None
12 YES 2-Speed None None 1-Speed
13 YES 1-Speed None None 1-Speed
 14  YES 2-Speed None None None
15 YES 1-Speed None None None
16 None 2-Speed 1-Speed None None
17 None 2-Speed None None 1-Speed
18 None 2-Speed None None None

Quick method to set the software

  1. With the system live, put dip switch one up (into test mode)
  2. Look on the box for the setup table, one of the setup numbers will match the equipment in the spa
  3. On the topside press warm, light, warm, warm, warm. Repeatedly press warm, it will go through s-01, s-02, s-03 etc.
  4. Once you reach the desired s number or setup, press light again, the system will restart
  5. Put dip switch one back down
  6. Finished

For more detailed instructions see the Tech Sheet in the Downloads section.

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