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SmartDeck patio

The simple, versatile spa patio solution

The innovative SmartDeck patio system provides a perfect solution to the problem of establishing a flat and level spa surface.

Each panel is designed to lock into the next, allowing the creation of small or large decks if desired, for use in gazebos or, to make room next to the spa for barbecues, patio furniture and more.
The textured surface and black colour add to the deck's appeal.

The SmartDeck is the cost effective alternative to a cement or wooden deck and should be offered with every spa sale!


  • Smart alternative to cement or wooden deck construction
  • Structural composite ribbing supports spa weight and more
  • Unique interlocking modular design allows for endless configurations
  • Can be configured to not only support spa, but also barbecue and patio furniture
  • Simple and quick installation, no professional help needed
  • Great for permanent or temporary use
  • Optional TrimKit gives the SmartDeck a round "bullnose" edge
  • Black with textured surface

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