(New Skid 1.1) System BP6013G1 + TP600 + 1 x 2 spd pump

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Type of Product: Complete Skid Pack for remote or plant room use
Manufacturer: Balboa BP601G1 + TP600 + Waterway 56f 2spd 2HP (2x2) pump + Waterway 50sq ft In-line Top Load Filter Assembly (the WiFi module can be bought separately if needed)
Power: Volts: 230vac Hz: 50
Setup Circ Pump Pump 1 Pump 2  Pump 3 Blower
1 None 2-Speed 1-Speed None None
2 Programmable Filtration + Polling 1-Speed 1-Speed None None
3 None 2-Speed None None 1-Speed
4 Programmable Filtration + Polling 1-Speed None None 1-Speed
5 None 2-Speed None None None
6 Programmable Filtration + Polling 1-Speed None None None
7 Programmable Filtration + Polling 2-Speed 1-Speed None None
8 Programmable Filtration + Polling 2-Speed None None 1-Speed
9 Programmable Filtration + Polling 2-Speed None None None

Heater: x 1 (3kW)
Ozone: x 1
Light: x1, 10v @ 1amp Max
Radio, TV/AV: Point available
Feature: Designed for use with WiFi receiver for iPhone operation.
Compatible With:

This all in one kit can be used for a variety of applications, mainly designed for use in a separate plant room. Can be used for self-build projects or semi-commercial application.

Please take into consideration how many jets you are intending to operate and what size and how close to the Spa this skid will be. This will affect the performance of the pump. Basic guide if the Skid is positioned right next to the Spa 15 - 20 average size jets are achievable. If the skid is 5m away 10 - 15 jets, 10m away maybe only 6 - 10. If the Air Blower is further than 5m from the Spa you may need a higher output Air Blower. If your design requires a different scenario please feel free to email our help desk.

Connections: 2 x 2-inch sockets, 1 for suction and one for the return to jets.
Dimensions: Length: 850 mm Width: 500 mm Height: 600 mm Topside: 178 mm x 86 mm
Topside Buttons: JETS, AUX, FLIP, screen WARM, LIGHT, COOL
Items Included: 1 x Control unit and topside control with cable kit, 1 x Inline filter assembly, 1 x 2spd pump, 1 x plumbing as shown in the picture and 1 x Skid pan. This system will allow an extra blower of an extra pump to be controlled, to be purchased as extra. The ozone can also be bought as extra if needed.
Assembly Notes: Items will come unassembled but with all pipework cut to size as shown in the picture. Simple step by step photographic assembly instructions included along with Balboa technical manuals. Skid assembly time for 1 person approx 1h 30 minutes if doing it for the first time or around 1hr if you have done it before.
Additional Notes: The options to add automatically the extra blower or the extra pump will be available soon.

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