Hydroquip 1.5kW Double Barrel Heater

Salgspris8.344,00 kr


Type of Product: Heater assembly
Manufacturer: Hydroquip
Power: Volts: 240 Hz: 50 KW: 1.5 Amps: 6.25
Specifications: 1.5kW Auto-Reset High Limit, Titanium Element, 240V Export
Compatible With:

This is a generic model in replacement of various versions of Hotspring/Caldera OEM, Tiger River and Watkins Heaters. This can also replace the Laing Tri-bend heater. 

Replaces:C3182-1, 73792

Connections & Fixings: The heating tube connects onto 3/4 inch Vinyl tubing.
Dimensions: Overall Lengh: 387 mm Tube Diameter: 25 mm Height: 165mm Width: 76 mm
Additional Notes:

Double Barrel Heater Assembly, 316L, Auto-Reset High Limit, 55" Cord, Temp & HL Sensors, 3/4" Barb, Drain Tube Extension Kit and Plug Adapters for Temp & Hi-Limit Sensors.

This is also a great replacement option for the old trumpet-style Laing heaters and can be used in place of other styles low flow heaters. 

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