Gecko or HydroQuip 2.5kW Flow Thru Heater

Salgspris4.317,00 kr


Type of Product: Heater assembly
Manufacturer: Gecko
Power: Volts: 230 Hz: 50 KW: 2.5 Amps: 10-10.5HP:
Specifications: Sensor compatibility: Has a pocket for the high limit sensor or can be used with the hi limit ribbon style alsoMaterial spec:Required flow rate: Set by pressure switchFlow detection: 2-PSI Tecmark pressure switch
Compatible With: HydroQuip 6000 series found in Gulf Coast, Sierra Spas, Southwest Spas and more. Also SSPA low end assembly including Sunrise Spas, LA Spas, Dimension 1 (home series), Coyote Spas, Hotspot by Hotspring and more
Connections & Fixings: Usually held in place of small fixing nuts. Hi limit sensor pouch on the front. 2" white plastic female sockets to connect to plumbing
Dimensions: Length: 381 mm Diameter: 50.8 mm Between terminals: 31.75 mm Overall length complete: 495.3 mm
Additional Notes: Commonly used with a Tecmark pressure switch. This heater may also have a label saying, Thermcore, Gecko, Hydroquip or another but if it looks the same it most probably is, contact us if you are unsure

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