Gecko HEAT.WAV 2.0kW Heater SSPA

Salgspris3.627,00 kr


Type of Product: Heater assembly
Manufacturer: Gecko
Power: Volts: 230 Hz: 50 KW: 2.0 Amps: 8-8.5HP:
Specifications: Sensor compatibility: Gecko & Hydroquip probe and ribbon styleMaterial spec:Required flow rate: Set by pressure switchFlow detection: 2-PSI Tecmark pressure switch
Compatible With: Gecko SSPA later models.
Connections & Fixings: Usually held in the blue plastic moulding of the control box at the bottom of the Spa pack. Heater terminals are connected via flexible power cords that clip directly onto the PCB with no need for tightening bolts etc.
Dimensions: Length: 381 mm Diameter: 50.8 mm Between terminals: 31.75 mm Overall length complete: 495.3 mm
Additional Notes:

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