Balboa VL802D Touch Panel

Salgspris3.677,00 kr


Type of Product: Topside control, touch panel or touch pad
Manufacturer: Balboa
Power: Volts: 12 Hz: Watts: Amps: HP:
Compatible With: GS501DZ, GS510DZ, GS511DZ, GS523DZ, M3TUV, Elite M7 and more.
Button Configuration: TIME, MODE/PROG, WARM, COOL, BLOWER, JETS 1, LIGHT and JETS 2.
Connections: Telephone cord style
Screens: Hi-Tec LCD large face screen, component symbols displayed. Time functions and advanced error message display.
Dimensions: Length: 265 mmHeight: 117 mm
Additional Notes: Overlay included. This topside is ideal when trying to cover a large hole left by the original topside controller.

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