AeWare IN.XE Control Box

Salgspris11.413,00 kr


Type of Product: Electronic control pack
Manufacturer: AeWare
Power: Volts: 230vac
Hz: 50
Specifications: Pump 1: Single or dual speed pump + circulation pump if required.
Pump 2: Single speed
Air Blower: x 1 (optional)
Heater: x1 (included)
Ozone: x 1
Light: x1
Compatible With: Topsides, IN.K600 Static (not the Graphic version), IN.K200, K19.IN, K35.IN and IN.K450
Connections: Industry standard 2 inch female unions suitable for being glued.
Dimensions: Length: 442 mm
Width: 136 mm
Height: 299 mm
Additional Notes:

We advise using this control box only for like for like replacement only.

This is a generic unlicensed control box. This unit must be fitted by a competent individual or tradesman. Incorrect installation could invalidate the warranty.

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